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Back to school resources for healthy, dependable relationships

As pupil's return to school we have put together a set of resources that can help us build healthy, dependable relationships to help make this transition easier.


Author: Pat Hinton

Building healthy and dependable relationships with Children and Young People Now

Fastn are sponsoring the Youth Relationships Award with Children and Young People Now for a second year to ensure all young people having the same chances to enjoy healthy and dependable relationships.


Author: Pat Hinton

Commitment, families and TrueTube

Our commitment and families film is now available, the new teaching resource puts relationships front and centre of school efforts to support children post-pandemic.


Author: Chris Flack

What our research tells us:


of parents say it is important for schools to help children ‘understand and be prepared for’ friendships


of parents believe schools should help children understand ways to look after their mental health and well-being.


of young people say forming lasting relationships is harder now than it was for previous generations

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