I want to be alone

Blake Bramley shares his thoughts to mark the end of Relationship Week 2020. Read more

Elliott Rae: Living a Life of Deep Connection

Elliott Rae looks at deep connections and relationship rocks. Read more

Who are your relationship role models?

Why the people around us are key to shaping our relationships and why in influence who we pick as our #RelationshipRocks Read more

How to be there for your partner during a crisis

Libby Toogood gives her top three tips on how to be there for your partner during a crisis. Read more

The secret to relationships my dad shared

Elliott Rae, of Music.Fatherhood.Football, shares a tale of the day his Dad had a glass of wine shared a secret on relationships. Read more

Parents back demand for post-pandemic Relationships Education in schools

More than four in five parents back a new focus on Relationships Education as schools make plans for a post-pandemic return. Read more

RSE Day 2020

It's RSE Day, join us for a conversation about Relationships Education in the curriculum and in the community! Read more

Let’s celebrate youth relationships

FASTN have teamed up with Children & Young People Now to Read more

Inspirational Teachers!

As part of Thanks a Teacher day we thought it was only right to pick the brains of our team to see which teacher inspired them the most! Read more

Lockdown and Exercise making the news

FASTN has been working with Sport Birmingham and their MAD project to explore how exercise helps in maintaining positive relationships and helps children and young people learn! Read more

FASTN and Covid-19

FASTN, like many organisations across the UK has been impacted by Covid-19, this release is our view on the implications of the virus on families and the wider sector. Read more

Did you know?

Some facts and figures on families and relationships! Read more

Champion Relationships

Become a champion for relationships Read more

Become an activist

Tips and tricks for using your voice! Read more

Relationships Education

Together, we aim to shape an understanding of the importance of upcoming statutory Relationships Education and share examples of inspiring relationships education practice from schools and school leaders. Read more


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Why we are

Read more

Meet an activist

The Status Project is about you, it is about young people championing positive relationships that work for them in whatever way they work. Read more