Resource enables school leaders to support young people with the relationship skills they need for a better future

About the reflective practice aid

The reflective practice aid has been developed in partnership with Fastn, FamilyLinks the Centre for Emotional Health and relationships trainer and consultant Lisa Cherry, as well as working closely with educationalists.

About The Principles of excellence in relationships education

There are 12 Principles:

  1. Educators feel supported, knowledgeable and confident to deliver relationships and sex education and role model healthy and reliable relationships.
  2. Leaders champion and demonstrate a commitment to meaningful relationships learning and to high quality relationship education, which includes sex education.
  3. Pupils have opportunities to understand healthy and reliable relationships through experiencing them. 
  4. Parents and staff role model positive relationships and honest communication.
  5. An active relationships education policy is at the core of the school’s culture and ethos. 
  6. A relationships education curriculum is the basis of personal, social and health education and crosses the wider curriculum. 
  7. The relationships education curriculum is relevant to the child or young person and prepares them for the community and society they live in. 
  8. The policy and curriculum aim to improve relationships across the school community. 
  9. School practice reflects understanding of Public Sector Equality Duty, empathises with and accommodates diverse family needs, circumstances and structures, and pupils of all identities. 
  10. The school listens to and values pupils’ views, supporting them to recognise unhealthy relationships and to develop their own relationship ambitions. 
  11. The school approaches behaviour as the communication of feelings and needs. 
  12. Progress is measured towards a better understanding of emotions and relationships for all. 

The Principles have been developed in collaboration with twenty leading relationship and educational experts, a reflective practice aid will also be available to support school and youth leaders.


For interviews with Catherine Hine, parent and CEO of Fastn, and Julie Nash, Fastn trustee and former Headteacher and Ofsted inspector, please contact Claire Barry [email protected] 07939 844614

About Fastn

At Fastn we are committed to helping society form, value and aim for family relationships which are healthy and dependable.