Thriving pupils, thriving school community

Our Reflective Practice Aid has been developed in partnership with Fastn, FamilyLinks the Centre for Emotional Health and relationships trainer and consultant Lisa Cherry as well as working closely with educationalists. Read more

Relationship and educational experts launch 'Principles of excellence in relationships education'

The 'Principles of excellence in relationships education' created by leading relationship and educational experts launched today. They enable schools to recognise and deliver excellent relationships education. Read more

Parents support relationships education

Research released to coincide with RSE Day 2021 shows the vast majority of parents want schools to help children understand relationships and mental health. Read more

Carers Week and flexible employment

Our research shows that the overwhelming majority of carers want employers to show more flexibility toward their family circumstances. Read more

Commitment, families and TrueTube

Our commitment and families film is now available, the new teaching resource puts relationships front and centre of school efforts to support children post-pandemic. Read more

Parents Guide to Dependable relationships launched

We are thrilled to announce that our guide for parents on how to talk about dependable relationships with your child is available now! Read more

Vlogstar North West!

Our amazing Vlogstar project is coming to the North West! Read more

Employers need to do much more to support fast-changing families

Employers need to do much more to support fast-changing families Read more

Our TLC Instagram Competition!

Read on for more #RelationshipsAroundMe Read more

Parents back demand for post-pandemic Relationships Education in schools

More than four in five parents back a new focus on Relationships Education as schools make plans for a post-pandemic return. Read more

Let’s celebrate youth relationships

FASTN have teamed up with Children & Young People Now to Read more

Lockdown and Exercise making the news

FASTN has been working with Sport Birmingham and their MAD project to explore how exercise helps in maintaining positive relationships and helps children and young people learn! Read more

FASTN and Covid-19

FASTN, like many organisations across the UK has been impacted by Covid-19, this release is our view on the implications of the virus on families and the wider sector. Read more

Nick Brewer puts Commitment centre stage

Rapper Nick Brewer shares a new poem to inspire young people to think about their relationships and the commitment they need to thrive in life. Read more

Q&A with Nick Brewer

Nick Brewer sat down with us for five minutes to talk commitment, challenging himself in the studio and what we do in a fast moving world. Read more

Time and effort are biggest challenge to love

St Valentines Day, in numbers, by young people. Read more