Many pupils are starting another school year, a year in which relationship education will again play a vital role.

We thought it would be a great chance to share some resources that help us to develop and reflect on healthy and dependable relationships. 

  1. A a guide for parents on relationships - Parentkind
  2. Commitment and Families - True Tube
  3. Nick Brewer Talks Commitment - True Tube
  4. 'Commitment: what does it mean?' - PSHE association
  5. Rochdale Student Relationships Champions 
  6. Experiencing healthy relationships through sport - Sport Birmingham / Birmingham City University

Here are some case studies about relationships learning in schools which you may also find useful:

  1. How to make relationships education work - Teacher Toolkit
  2. Engaging with parents to make RSE a success - Parentkind
  3. Working with experts to build confidence and parent engagement - Parentkind

Let us know in the comments of any others that you've found useful!