Exploring relationships through real-life couples

Educational charity Explore provides workshops that feed into schools’ RSE learning. Real-life couples open themselves up to frank questioning by young people in the classroom, enabling students to think differently about commitment and long-term relationships. The focus is on the underlying values in relationships between people – irrespective of gender or marital status.

"We make it very clear that the life skills involved in making a relationship work are applicable to all relationships, whether platonic, family, sibling, workplace, or romantic relationships of any type. We are relational: that’s how we’re wired, so if you have some tools in your pocket to help make relationships work for you, life is a lot more straightforward." Rosie Simpson, Explore

Student feedback shows that the charity’s model, which draws on youth-led experiential learning and is verified by Tavistock Relationships and the Grubb Institute, has a real-time effect on student attitudes to commitment and relationships.

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