Youth-led RSE leads to open conversations about relationships

Thanks to an innovative RSE peer education programme at Mounts Bay Academy, young people are approaching adults with their relationship concerns and bullying has reduced.

Mounts Bay Academy is set in rural Cornwall close to the most deprived neighbourhood in Cornwall. When the opportunity arose to pilot a peer education programme on healthy relationships, the school jumped at the chance. The school recruited trained social worker Sharon Pearson as part of its whole-school approach to relationships education.

"The school wanted to raise aspirations, confidence and self-esteem, so we put a real emphasis on relationships across the school." Sharon Pearson.

The scheme had a positive impact on bullying and relationships across the whole school. The evaluation by CLEAR – the organisation that co-developed and delivered the programme – highlighted that the peer approach led to increased numbers of children taking the step to talk to someone about a problem, compared to similar adult-led programmes.

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