Building equality and respect from primary age

Primary schools are using workshops to help children recognise their feelings, navigate friendships and develop protective behaviours to tackle bullying and nurture healthy relationships.

Relate’s Equality and Respect in Relationships programme looks at questions such as 'What makes a bad friend?' 'Is it normal for parents to have arguments?' 'If you feel scared, who should you go to?' Schools in Coventry and Warwickshire use the programme as part of their wider curriculum for children in years 4–8.

"We keep it fun and lively and we talk about respect between adults and young people too, so we try to model respect as we’re teaching." Mandy Boothe, Service Manager 

Because the sessions directly challenge children’s assumptions about gender roles and acceptable behaviour, in terms of respect, control and violence, there is often an immediate impact in terms of changing mindsets. But schools also report that relationships between children have improved both in the classroom and in the playground.

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