Putting relationships at the core of the school community

When a school has a high proportion of children experiencing chaotic lives, this places higher demands on everyone in the school community. That’s why Wood Farm Primary School, set in a 1950s housing estate on the outskirts of Oxford, works hard to make sure everyone – students, parents and staff – gets the support they need.

"Once you build relationships with the children, and with their families, sharing knowledge and working together – well, then you can make a real difference.’ Headteacher David Lewin

Many pupils at Wood Farm start well below age-typical levels, yet improvements are significantly above the national average. Staff morale and retention are unusually high, too, in a region with high levels of staff turnover.

To support its approach, the school uses the Family Links Nurturing Programme. This training draws on neuroscience to emphasise the importance of emotions on physical health, thinking and learning and divides into five areas of emotional literacy - including knowing our emotions, managing our emotions and handling relationships.

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