Are you passionate about healthy, nurturing and dependable family relationships?

So are we.

And we believe you can help us put these relationships back at the heart of our communities, workplaces and society where they belong.

What does it take to champion relationships?

  • Ask how relationships impact or are impacted by work or action

  • Focus on ingredients of healthy relationships and families – - and keep things compassionate and inclusive!

  • Communicate in your networks and communities about why healthy, dependable, nurturing relationships and family environments matter to us all

  • Share examples of how others have recognised and valued relationships

  • Consider using tools or training such as The Principles of Excellence in Relationships Education or The Department for Work and Pensions Family Test or resources from our partners

  • If you’re a school leader read the official government guidance on Relationships and Sex Education (include link)

  • Share stories and examples of recognising and valuing relationships with your networks and us so others can learn from you!

  • Get in touch to share any ideas about the help you need. If we can’t help, perhaps we know someone who can...