Day job

Retired secondary Headteacher and Inspector/volunteer

Who’s your family?

Husband, Mal; daughter, Beth (a solicitor); my mum, Lucie; my sister, Nic; and our dog, Harry the schnauzer! 

What do you do in your free time?

Crafts. I make jewellery, crochet and sew. Love reading and of course, volunteer!

What made you want to become a trustee?

Whilst I decided to retire, I still felt I had the energy, enthusiasm and skills to offer other organisations as a volunteer. I am a school governor, which I really enjoy and recently joined the board of Plymouth Children in Poverty and have enjoyed the different way of working, so, decided I could offer more time to others.

Why choose Fastn?

Relationships matter; this was my mantra to any teacher who were having trouble with children in class. To find a charity who’s single focus so closely matches my own priorities... well, it seemed like a perfect fit!

What do you want to achieve with Fastn?

To be able to best support its values and the outcomes of these as a result; to promote the importance of positive, nurturing relationships on life chances.

Who is your relationship rock or role model?

My dad. Sadly, he’s no longer with us, but my dad would do anything to build positive relationships built on trust, compromise and love.