The Status project is about you.

Status is about young people championing healthy commitment and positive relationship ambition because it matters and because the scientific evidence tells us it's important. There is no judgement here, our goal is to know that people take time to learn from and have positive relationship goals that they can carry into new relationships and use throughout their life.

Activists on the Status project are passionate about the positive impacts that committed, dependable and nurturing relationships have.  These relationships are different for each of us and are not strictly confined to romantic relationships; teachers, parents, friends, work colleagues, all relationships are vital to reaching our personal goals.   

Status activists are young people who recognise and value positive relationships and they are proactive in inspiring other young people in their networks on and offline to explore what positive relationships mean to them. One of our Status partners, Straight Talking, is a group of young parents who are trained to deliver educational workshops starting conversations with young people in schools around what healthy commitment looks and feels like to them, and future planning around positive relationship ambition. 

Talking about commitment and what you want from it is so important, really, really important because when you commit to someone, that’s a decision that impacts your future,’ says Connie Uwineza, who works at Straight Talking‘The relationships you surround yourself with are so important. They can be healthy and unhealthy, it’s something I think we need to reflect on a lot.’ 

Commitment, and what it means, comes up a lot at Straight Talking

The volunteers cover the good, the bad and the ugly side of relationships – always making it clear what a healthy and committed relationship should be like.  They all have different experiences to share but they offer the same advice.

Take the time to reflect on what commitment means to you and what you want from it. 

Listen to the podcast to hear some other experiences of commitment or share yours with us.

What about you?

Are you passionate about the role that positive relationships and healthy commitment can play in the lives of young people? Do you wish someone had started the conversation with you at school, youth groups, friendship networks?

Maybe you could be the person who takes action in your network?

Drop us a line if you'd like to know more.

We would love to hear from you.