Meet the team!

Name: Jonathan Beak - Trustee

Day job: Lawyer

Who’s your family?
My husband, daughter, parents, mother in law, brother and sister in law

What do you do in your free time? 
I like pushing myself to keep as fit as I can, I like boating and doing things that Covid won’t allow at the moment

What made you want to become a trustee?
I wanted to use some of the business skills I have learned to help a not for profit organisation

Why choose Fastn
I like its mission – as some families struggle more now than ever and young people have fewer opportunities to connect, its very easy to forget the basics of what makes a good relationship and why that is important.  Fastn’s constant reminder of the importance of dependable relationships is more vital now than ever

What do you want to achieve with Fastn?
I would like us to be a dynamic, engaged group of trustees.  I want to help Fastn demonstrate the importance of its advocacy role. 

What is your relationship rock or role model? 
My dad – solid, dependable and a very nice man

Name: Hana Cornwall - TrusteeHeadshot of Trustee Hana Cornwall

Day job: Management Consultant. I lead a team which delivers strategy and innovation workshops for a professional services firm.

Who’s your family?
My partner and our young daughter. My mum, dad (no longer with us) and brother. I have a huge extended family and have many fond childhood memories spent with my cousins. I count my closest friends as family as I've known them for the majority of my life.

What do you do in your free time?
I enjoy the outdoors, new culinary experiences, film and dance.

What made you want to become a trustee?
I wanted to apply my skills gained from working in the public and private sector to influence the strategy of a charity.

Why choose Fastn?
Fastn is one of a kind! When I reflected on my life; what has kept me centred, what has encouraged me to broaden my thinking, and what has opened doors for me are the relationships I have built and sustained.

What do you want to achieve with FASTN?
I would like to extend Fastn's reach. The fantastic work Fastn does should be built in at all levels of society: government policy, home, work, school to name a few. We should not take relationships for granted and being able to develop and sustain healthy and dependable relationships is of huge benefit, not only as individuals but to our communities.

What is your relationship rock or role model?
My best friend is both a rock and a role model. We've always had honest communication, openness and trust. She's lots of fun and is always able to encourage me to consider other perspectives.

Lauren Hemmings

Programme and Networks Officer

Lauren joined Fastn in September 2021 as Programme and Networks Officer

Before joining Fastn, Lauren worked in digital project management and customer relations in the IT sector. It was here that she learned she enjoyed developing working relationships and sought a role to have influence alongside this. Her role as a Family Worker at St. Christopher’s Church prior to this is what inspired her to pursue the family relationship aspect, making Fastn the perfect fit!

Lauren is an apprentice here at Fastn, studying a degree in Business Management (Social Change) at Queen Mary University of London.

When not working or studying, Lauren enjoys cinema trips, live music and spending time with her parents and three younger siblings.

Catherine Hine

Chief Executive Officer 

Catherine joined Fastn in June 2018 as Chief Executive

Having developed, advised and led programmes and campaigns tackling poverty and inequality at international and European levels for fifteen years, Catherine was inspired to make a difference (very much) closer to home following the birth of her daughters.

Catherine is a Non-Executive Director of Smallwood Charitable Trust and recently completed her MBA which looked at how employers can support the sustainability of families.

Catherine grew up in a single-parent family with an amazing mother and grandmother. She is passionate about the importance of healthy, dependable and nurturing families, whatever their shape and form. 

Additional passions include karaoke, Russian language and adventures with global cookery.

Name: William Ip - Trustee

Day job: 
I work in Private Equity, focussing on growing companies and assessing targets for growth.

Who’s your family?
I grew up in London with my parents and younger brother

What do you do in your free time?
I like being outdoors – whether playing sports or for a leisurely stroll, reading and spending time with family and friends.

What made you want to become a trustee?
I have enjoyed working with corporates and start ups to develop plans for growth. I was keen to become a Trustee so I could use these skills to help a charity.

Why choose Fastn?
Fastn’s mission to promote dependable relationships is unique. I believe that developing trusting and nurturing relationships from an early age increases people’s chances in fulfilling their potential. With the advent of social media, it is increasingly easy to connect with people from around the globe but this can sometimes mean we forget the basics of a high quality relationship.

What do you want to achieve with Fastn?
I want to help Fastn grow and broaden their reach; helping more people develop dependable and nurturing relationships.

What is your relationship rock or role model?
My family for teaching me unconditional love and support.

Name: Julie Nash - Trustee

Day job: Retired secondary Headteacher and Inspector/volunteer

Who’s your family?
Husband, Mal; daughter, Beth (a solicitor); my mum, Lucie; my sister, Nic and our dog, Harry the schnauzer! 

What do you do in your free time?
Crafts; I make jewellery, crochet and sew. Love reading and of course, volunteer!

What made you want to become a trustee?
Whilst I decided to retire, I still felt I had the energy, enthusiasm and skills to offer other organisations as a volunteer. I am a school governor, which I really enjoy and recently joined the board of Plymouth Children in Poverty and have enjoyed the different way of working, so, decided I could offer more time to others.

Why choose Fastn?
Relationships matter; this was my mantra to any teacher who were having trouble with children in class. To find a charity who’s single focus so closely matches my own priorities... well, it seemed like a perfect fit!

What do you want to achieve with Fastn?
To be able to best support its values and the outcomes of these as a result; to promote the importance of positive, nurturing relationships on life chances.

What is your relationship rock or role model?
My dad; sadly, he’s no longer with us, but my dad would do anything to build positive relationships built on trust, compromise and love.

Hannah Partis

Education Programme Development Co-ordinator

Hannah joined Fastn in August 2021 as our Education Programme Development Coordinator. Hannah has extensive experience in programme and project delivery within the voluntary and educational travel sectors. Prior to joining Fastn, Hannah worked on a student-led programme promoting life skills and global citizenship, where she gained experience collaborating with partners, supporting educators and students whilst creating valuable opportunities for young people to learn and develop outside the classroom.

Recognising the importance that relationships and family have had in her own life, as well as a desire to create change that enables all young people to thrive, led Hannah to Fastn.

Outside of work Hannah loves going on outdoor adventures with her young daughter, paddle boarding, zumba classes, volunteering, as well as travelling to explore new places and see family and friends.

Deborah Sinclair

Administration and Finance Co-ordinator

Deborah became the Administration and Finance Co-ordinator at Fastn in January 2019. Prior to this, she spent 12 years in administration and then events management roles at the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Students’ Union where she gained experience in supporting young people, educators and creatives in bringing their wildest event-based ideas to reality, within reason! 

Deborah joined Fastn following a desire for change after becoming a parent. The focus on family and being part of an organisation that can really make a positive difference to people’s experience of relationships and family struck a chord and offered the opportunity to improve her own family life and that of others. 

Away from work, Deborah spends her time baking, practising yoga, learning to tap dance, dog walking and facilitating her 4-year old’s social life.  A perk of the job is being able to work with a cat on her lap.