Mental Health Foundation (MHF) is currently sparking conversations with its Young Leaders through Leaders Unlocked. It hopes to encourage young people to engage in the topic of healthy dependable relationships and how to achieve them.

By talking with young people, MHF aims to raise awareness and develop materials to support young people in nurturing healthy relationships throughout their lives. MHF recognises this as a key way of protecting young people’s well-being.

In workshops, MHF Young Leaders noted a lack of relationship learning in schools with too much focus on toxic or romantic relationships. “There’s hardly any guidance about friendships. There’s even less guidance about having a relationship with yourself,” one young leader noted.

By discussing and drawing on their own experiences, the young leaders considered the influence this might have had on their future relationships. They also looked at the importance of shared ideals and values within relationships.

These discussions have resulted in the young people creating some fabulous resources for MHF’s campaign on how healthy relationships support our mental health and well-being, including:

Following the campaign, the podcast was listened to across 31 different countries, showing the widespread interest in healthy relationships and their impact on mental health.

These conversations with Young Leaders are influencing how MHF considers healthy relationships in other work across the organisation. We are really looking forward to seeing what these young people and MHF will do together next.