FASTN and Covid-19

As a charity that believes passionately in the importance of healthy, nurturing and dependable families to children, adults and to communities, FASTN’s Board and staff team stand together with the many families impacted by this illness.  

Healthy and dependable relationships are vital to support us all during this time, but some relationships will be put under immense pressure and some will experience heart-wrenching loss.

We are grateful to the tireless dedication of our comrades working in schools and healthcare settings, and to their families who also support every one of us by sustaining them through their service.  

We ask that government support our colleagues working in charities which provide support through youth services and to sustain relationships and emotional health that are put under terrific strain. 

At this time when so much of what we rely on has been stripped back, services which support families through tough times are vital.  It is essential that our partners are not prevented from providing services by lack of funding.    

As a home-working organisation that seeks to influence public opinion and practice, our adjustment has not been as significant as for many, we continue to improve our remote working practice and adjust to live out our values and compassion for our staff and their families.  We have followed government guidance in the delivery of our programmes, pausing or adapting them where needed.

We remain dedicated to making a difference through our work with young people, educators, other organisations and those with influence.  We continue to draw attention to the importance of healthy, nurturing and dependable relationships for all. 

This message has never been more poignant, and we believe that by shining a light on examples of relationship activism, our contribution may offer some hope and inspiration at a time when it is needed.