Time and effort are the biggest challenges young people face when they’re trying to form a committed, romantic relationship.

The poll carried out by Survation on behalf of FASTN, the national champion of healthy committed relationships for all, shows that 62% want to have a happy relationship immediately, but they know that commitment takes time and effort. 

Other barriers to forming committed, romantic relationships highlighted in the survey of 16-25 year olds are:

  • Social media giving an unrealistic expectation of the ‘perfect’ relationship - 57%
  • The fear of a relationship failing or making a bad long-term decision - 56%
  • Work goals get in the way of relationships - 42%

Young people were asked what the most important indicators are that show them they’re in a committed relationship.  

  • Trusting each other is the biggest indicator - 36%
  • Being faithful/monogamous - 29%
  • Being comfortable together - 28%
    - Honest communications - 28%
    - Being able to be your true self around the other person - 28%.

Dionne Walton, of FASTN said:

79% of young people think that being in a lasting and fulfilling relationship will be as important or more important than their working life - so they’re telling us that they aspire to healthy, committed relationships, but there are key barriers in the way. “Young people deserve honest, open discussions about what a healthy and dependable relationship is, why it matters, how it’s achieved and what it looks like in the real world. They need the opportunity to talk about how to overcome the barriers they face, combined with positive role-modelling of diverse healthy, committed relationships. That way, they can get the support needed to work towards their positive relationship ambition, as they would their career ambition.”