Search starts for tomorrow’s Merseyside Vlogstars

Merseyside Youth Association has teamed up with Media Trust and charity Fastn to find the vlog stars of tomorrow. Media Trust will deliver a series of masterclass training sessions in May to skill up young people to make powerful short videos on the theme of healthy, dependable relationships that will be showcased by MYA at the NOW festival in July.

Vlogstar NorthWest follows the success of Vlogstar Hull last year that saw over a dozen young people produce moving testimonies about mental health, bullying, the power of video games – and the importance of having a dog in your life! Vlogstar NorthWest is recruiting now. The project will take place every Wednesday starting the 5th May 5-7pm for six weeks. You can read more about the project and view some of the amazing videos from Hull here:

This masterclass in vlogging includes:

  • How to plan, frame and shoot your own vlogs using your phone
  • How to edit your video footage
  • Opportunities to practice vlogging and get feedback
  • Support in developing your public speaking skills
  • An opportunity to reflect on what a healthy, dependable relationship means to you and your wellbeing
  • A showcase event for your vlogs with VIP guests
  • The opportunity to have your work showcased at the NOW Festival in July

Francesca Loguellou
, Children and Young People’s Mental Health Promotion Worker at MYA, says:

"Vlogstar North West is an amazing free opportunity for young adults to learn new skills, meet new people and have their pieces showcased at an event with VIP guests and MYA's NOW Festival!"

 Martha Shacolas, Senior Programme Manager at Media Trust says:

‘‘Vlogstar North West is a fantastic opportunity for young people to have their voices heard and we’re excited for the second year of the programme.”

Catherine Hine, Chief Executive of Fastn says:

"Young people want help with their positive relationship ambition in the same way they'd get help with their careers, but society isn't listening. Media Trust and Fastn have shown we can help young people create real, and engaging content to share - telling young people’s own stories and sharing their views on positive relationships." 

What they’re saying about Vlogstar:


"I decided to tell my experience of bullying. Vlogstar has given me a place to speak out. I see children and young people looking upset in the street after school and it reminds me on what I went through and hopefully by telling my story, others would be encouraged to speak out."


"I learnt so much… There were lots of different opinions that made me laugh and cry…  This experience really challenged me to look for learning about relationships in lots of different places in my work"


"This could have a big impact on your lives, like it has on mine."

Vlogstar NorthWest will:

  • Give young people the digital tools, confidence and experience they need to tell their own stories of positive relationship ambitions
  • Support young people to link with local youth groups and projects to become digital Vlogstar activists

 We will do this by

  • Supporting young people (16-25-year-olds) to speak out and become activists for positive relationship ambitions and healthy, nurturing and dependable relationships. Together, we will generate discussions to get young people to reflect on healthy commitment, inclusively - what it means to sustain relationships that matter and why relationships matter 
  • Empowering young people to tell their own stories using the power and creativity of digital through Vlogging Training. They will be able to encourage young people from all backgrounds and circumstances to create their own “stories” to trigger discussion about healthy commitment and positive relationship ambition across their networks.

Young people, aged 16-25, can sign up for the FREE training by emailing: [email protected]

About the partners:

Merseyside Youth Association provides innovative, practical and positive support to children and young people. Established in 1890, MYA draws on an enormous depth of experience and knowledge whilst remaining dynamic and fresh in its approach. MYA delivers a wide range of early intervention, prevention projects and workforce development across Merseyside. The uniqueness of their projects lie in utilising the youth work ethos and methodology across diverse curriculum areas e.g. skills, employability, health, inclusion, arts and the ability to develop bespoke responses, tailor made to meet the needs of individual young people or organisations.

Media Trust, as a charity, works in partnership with the media and creative industry to give marginalised groups and young people a stronger voice. They encourage the media and creative industry to share their time, knowledge and creativity to benefit charities, under-represented communities and young people. Working together, they amplify charities' voices by developing their communication and digital skills to help them connect better with their audiences. They also create and run unique programmes to encourage young, diverse talent to develop their confidence, passions and talents for the workplace. Media Trust currently runs Vlogstar Challenge now in its 5th year, in partnership with Jack Petchey Foundation, training 1000s of young people across London and Essex in the art of vlogging.  Media Trust uses its connections with the media and creative industries to make a difference to under-represented people, communities and social issues. 

Fastn believes that everyone should have the same opportunities to form a stable family life. and works in partnership to promote healthy, dependable relationships that support children, young people and family - in all its forms - to thrive. We champion the development of relationship skills in childhood that sustain positive relationships for life. We want to build an inclusive, committed and compassionate future for everyone. We do this by connecting people and inspiring new relationships.