RSE Case Studies

Children’s interactions with those around them literally shape the way their brains grow. Childhood is when our brains are at their busiest; when the foundations are put in place. It’s a vital period of development.

Researchers have shown that developing positive relationship skills when the brain is at its most flexible can boost a host of outcomes, including academic performance, employment, both physical and mental health, the ability to manage stress and conflict, and the opportunity to have fulfilling relationships throughout life.  

We have worked with Northcott School in Hull, Wood Farm primary school Oxford, Mounts Bay Academy in Cornwall, Shropshire County Council, St John’s Catholic Primary School, in Shropshire, Highgate School, Bankside Primary School in Leeds, Explore, XP Academy, Relate and a host of others to explore what great Relationship Education looks like.

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Principles of excellence in relationships education

Over the past six months, we have been collaborating with a group of relationships organisations and practising educators to identify what excellence in relationships education is. 

We have worked with a wide selection of relationship charities and as a collective, we have created a set of principles to help guide educators to adjust to the government requirements in a way that embraces the importance of relationships.

You can download that document here

Experiencing healthy relationships through sport

FASTN have collaborated with Sport Birmingham and Birmingham City University on a project to understand how mentoring and sports activities can help young people learn about relationships. 

The M.A.D programme is run by Sport Birmingham and provides mentoring and activities for young people at risk of, or already in, exclusion from mainstream schooling.

Birmingham City University interviewed the participants of this programme to better understand the relationship skills and understanding they had gained from the programme.   The learning from this project has been distilled into a useful document, Experiencing Healthy Relationships Through Sport can be downloaded here

Nick Brewer

Rapper Nick Brewer released a new poem recently to inspire young people to think about their relationships and the commitment they need to thrive in life. The UK rapper and spoken word artist, who had a top 20 hit in 2015, is reflecting on what commitment means to him and encouraging others to do the same. This poem and video can be used as a resource to inspire people to think about what commitment means to them and find creative ways to express themselves.