One of our Straight talking project participants, Lucky Magezi, shares their thoughts on the journey together, compromise and sharing relationship goals in an ever-changing environment. 

Relationship Goals

When I hear the words relationship goals, I instantly think of a journey.

One where both parties have to work equally hard to become the ultimate ‘relationship goals’ couple.

To me, the fundamental definition of Relationship goals is ‘the perfectly happy couple’, and in order to become that couple, you have to go on a self-finding journey. People often go on social media and admire perfect looking couples, in my opinion, this actually has nothing to do with relationship goals.

Relationship goals are couples who can build and work together, couples who can communicate effectively and sort disputes, which are inevitable in all relationships.

Progression is an essential element in the growth of any relationship and I think in order to establish relationship goals you have to want the same (or at least similar) things; no point being with someone who wants 5 kids in the long run when you want none.

Which leads me perfectly to my next point.


For relationship goals to even exist both members of the relationship must be willing to compromise.

You can’t be the best version of yourselves if one person always has to compromise more than the other- It's draining!

Like any other goal relationship goals take a long time to form, they cannot just be created overnight.

Consequently, I think that’s why so many relationships fail in this day and age as people are not willing to put in the time and effort of the trials and tribulations that all relationships have to offer and just assume that because they are not ‘relationship goals’ within a few years. Patience and perseverance are essential ingredients in relationship goals.

There is no particular way relationship goals are meant to look. It’s a journey that results in a happy and cohesive couple working effectively to achieve their dreams.

Lucky Magezi