Supporting students through inter-parental conflict

Where conflict between parents is frequent, intense and poorly resolved, it can have a major impact on children and young people, increasing their anxiety, depression and aggression and affecting school attainment. That is why Highgate School, in north London, invested in teachers’ skills to support young people in this situation.

"Whatever their background, young people need our support to navigate today’s complex social landscape and manage positive relationships. For our students, friendships and relationships at home probably have more effect than anything else – on their schoolwork, their sense of identity and their wellbeing." Verity Smith, House Leader

The school was already committed to proactively supporting young people to navigate the challenging teenage years. So when it was approached by Tavistock Relationships to trial a teacher training programme around home conflict, it felt like a good fit. The course, Home is where the hurt is but school is where it shows, helps teachers recognise and manage signs of inter-parental conflict.

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