4 August 2022

We are today announcing the exciting news that from 8th August 2022 Fastn’s Principles of Excellence in Relationships Education workstream, will move to a new home, Family Links, The Centre for Emotional Health. In this way, the ground-breaking work to shape meaningful relationships education in formal and non-formal education can achieve even greater traction.

The current funding climate isn’t getting any easier for charities. Fastn’s Trustees have recognised that, in the longer term, a more established organisation with respected training and delivery in school, workplace and wider communities, will be better placed to deliver the current programme to support families to thrive in the future. Thinking ahead, they have made the proactive decision to apply to dissolve Fastn as a stand-alone charity. As a partner closely aligned to Fastn's values and committed to The Principles programme of work and the objectives that underpin them, Fastn Trustees have gifted Fastn’s resources to Family Links to continue this work.

Family Links is a national charity that for over 25 years has been dedicated to the promotion of emotional health for all. Bringing Fastn’s work into Family Links will deepen and broaden Family Links’ current work and influence on the emotional health of whole school communities.

We’re incredibly proud of what has been achieved through Fastn’s work in a short period of time. As Fastn, we’re also delighted that in passing the baton to Family Links, the legacy of this vital work will be sustained and gain even further momentum.

Together, we remain passionate about the importance of investing in relationships, especially in childhood and adolescence. This is central to building resilience and enabling every child and young person to thrive and achieve their potential in life.

In a short time, Fastn has achieved so much. Here are just a few of our highlights:

  • 20 organisations collaborated on the Principles of Excellence in Relationships Education to apply leading research and expertise on what makes for meaningful relationship education in school communities
  • Nearly 14,000 schools supported to apply The Principles through our partner network
  • Over 400 young activists led and took action to support increased ambition for all young people's relationships
  • Over 649,000 readers supported by access to content and resources on family as a corporate sustainability issue.

If you have any questions about this statement or would like to find out more about Family Links, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you so much for your commitment, support and hard work over the years. We look forward to your continuing collaboration to support all families to thrive.

With best wishes,

Catherine Hine                              Peter Leonard
CEO Fastn                                      CEO Family Links

[email protected]                     [email protected]

Note: You can now find relationships education resources in the Education Zone on the Family Links website.