In a short but fascinating piece, Karen Dzodzome, another participant with Straight Talking, takes some time out to think about relationship goals, and how the word love doesn't really even come into it. 

Relationship Goals


The three things that everyone believes holds a relationship together. I mean fundamentally, shouldn’t these three striking words hold a relationship together? 

Holding these words and standing by it should surely create a foundation, one so unbreakable that your relationship stands the test of time.

Funny that Love wasn’t mentioned.

Makes you ask questions. 

We strive and long for love, but it is not the fundamental part of a relationship that holds it together. Love can be infatuation turned into a long-lasting desire of want and need. Love can be the heart skipping a beat every time they walk by.

Dangerously, love can be confusing and deceptive to what we think and what we want to believe. Either the desire for the perfect man or just to be loved. Everyone has their criteria for the one to steal their hearts and spend the rest of their lives with, people compare stories of pain and pleasure, but no one really understands their pain, only them.

The concept of relationship goals is subjective to the bond you have with your other half. Relationship goals are not what you see in romantic movies or what you see on social media. Relationship goals are the undefined understanding of each other.

It’s an unspoken conversation that you and your partner have as you list out your future plans and your desires with one another. Truth is you don’t know what your relationship goals are until you have felt hurt or have felt undeniably happy, as those are what determine what you want.

One thing I do know for sure when these goals are set, they can be broken and that is okay. It just helps you define your personal relationship goals moving forward.

Karen Dzodzome