Why we are

Research has shown that experiences at home, particularly in childhood, literally wire our brains in ways that influence our future physical and mental health, work and happiness.  You can read more about this from The Harvard Center on the Developing Child here.

Safe, nurturing relationships that we can depend upon over time, through thick and thin, are vital to all of us, whatever your family looks like.   At their best, families protect us through difficult times and support us to develop the skills, confidence and resilience needed to thrive throughout life. 

At FASTN we are committed to helping society form, value and aim for family relationships which are healthy and dependable. 

Our polling shows that in our formative years almost 80% of us will consider fulfilling and lasting relationships in adulthood as at least as important as any work ambitions.  Yet as a society, we do not feel equipped for relationships and report that these ambitions are often ignored or down-played.   

Almost 15% of young people polled say they have no positive role models for lasting and fulfilling relationships. 

This means young people don’t have an opportunity to learn through experience, which is an essential part of learning about relationships. It means they are unlikely to learn the crucial life-changing skills that we need to sustain positive relationships.

We believe this is a huge injustice! 

If as Harvard scientists say, improving our relationships has such an impact on so many lives and sticking our collective head in the sand costs us all so dearly, something needs to change! 

That is why FASTN steps up to get the issue prioritised, encourage others to take action and identify solutions which help change happen.