You know how it is. You meet under a starry sky on a balmy night, trumpets burst to life and colours seem more real than ever. Or, I dunno, you meet at a bus stop over a lukewarm Starbucks. But here's a question, regardless of how you meet that other, that rock in your world, what do your parents think? 

Libby Toogood took to the phones to find out. 

In a new relationship, we often dread the day we meet our partner’s parents for the first time.

This isn’t due to an irrational fear of 50-somethings, but the fear of that first judgement by prospective in-laws.

We’ve all been there – we worry they won’t like us, or think we’re not good enough for their son or daughter.

And after the meeting, no matter how much we pester our partners, we seldom get more than “they thought you were lovely.”

Ever wanted to tap into the minds of your partner’s parents, and find out what they really think of you?

Here’s where I come to help!

I interviewed five parents,* who answered the following question, “would you pick your child’s current partner?”

The responses that follow reveal whether these partners really get the parent’s stamp of approval.

(spoiler: it’s mainly good news)

“My son’s girlfriend is perfect for him – she’s grounded and sensible but also lots of fun. She always sees the good in him, so I would definitely pick my son’s partner.”

“I like the fact he tells her that she is beautiful every day. However, I wish he’d grow up. He always feels the need to see his friends all the time – a bad case of FOMO! If he spent less time with his mates, and more time with my daughter, then I would pick my daughter’s partner.’’

“I would pick my son’s partner, even though she lives over 1000 miles away! Long distance relationships aren’t always easy, but I’ve never seen my son as happy as he is with her – they have such similar interests. A perfect pair of well-suited geeks!”

“I would pick my daughter’s partner because he’s a good cook (much better than her) and he likes housework (she doesn’t). They share similar jobs and bounce their daily trials and tribulations, both on their working days, and enjoy their days off with each other.”

“I would pick my son’s partner as she makes him laugh and keeps him on his toes! She goes to University and he works, but they’re both happy and trust each other in their own company! A sign of a relationship built to last – we hope!”

*All identities are kept anonymous for the safety (and dignity) of the parents.

Not sure what your partner’s parents think of you? It might be time to sit them down and ask!

But remember that at the end of the day, what really matters is what your partner thinks of you – and that you value yourself.

Libby Toogood