Experiencing healthy, dependable relationships in childhood is vital to making us resilient in the face of whatever life throws at us. At Fastn, we want everyone in the UK to benefit from these vital thriving and dependable relationships. We partner with organisations who have the power to create lasting change in how young people understand and commit to healthy, dependable relationships. One of the ways we do this is through our youth programme.

Why does this matter?

Our research shows that young people think that being in a lasting and fulfilling relationship is at least as  important to their future working life. 

Neuroscience confirms just how crucial relationships are for everyone – for our physical and mental health, wellbeing, happiness and life outcomes.

How do we work?

Our aim is for all young people to have the support to aspire for and have the skills and understanding for healthy dependable relationships throughout their lives. We work with young people, their organisations and decision-makers to help young people get their ambitions for positive relationships and healthy commitment onto the public agenda. We support them as they develop and sustain their own positive solutions.

Working with young people

We work with young people’s organisations to support young relationship activists so they can:

  • reflect, trigger discussion and take action in their own communities
  • Tell  society how it can best support them to achieve the relationships they want
  • make sure that healthy commitment and dependable relationships get the attention and action that young people expect and need
  • develop inspirational projects and content that create solutions for young people to be able to raise their relationship ambitions and work towards achieving them
Working with organisations

We believe the best way to achieve change is by partnering with young people’s  organisations who have the trust and connections with young people in their work.. We encourage them to put healthy dependable relationships at the heart of all they do and become part of what they do. We encourage them to start conversations in their communities and to challenge service providers to take action on relationships.

These partnerships lead to young people driving conversations and shaping services that help them and their peers to achieve healthy, dependable relationships. 

Working with decision-makers

We work with organisations and individuals who are driving change for young people at regional and national levels. By partnering with national youth organisations, youth media, key influencers and government bodies, we aim to get everyone thinking about the impact that relationships have on our futures.

What impact does our work have?

Our youth programme activities and projects have supported young people’s organisations to think and take action beyond healthy relationships in the present. We encourage them to consider the importance of dependability and young people’s future relationships and what they can do to support this. By working with young people to put healthy dependable relationships at the heart of their settings, these organisations and their young people not only support their peers in shaping their relationship ambitions and skills, but also inspire other young people and organisations to make meaningful commitments to life-changing relationships.  

In the past year, Fastn has:

  • Supported 85 young activists to lead debate and action on relationships 
  • Partnered with XX youth-involving organisations to prioritise relationships.

What can you do?

If you’re interested in getting involved, we’d love to hear from you. There is so much you can do:

  • Share your views to help stimulate wider debate and prioritisation of relationships throughout life
  • Consider how you can integrate healthy dependable  relationships into your work with young people
  • Share examples of great practice in the youth sector to encourage others to take up the challenge/mantle.

Find out more about how you can get involved.

How can we help you?

Interested in collaborating? Fastn offer small grants to support youth organisations as they work to embed healthy dependable relationships in their settings. Find out about some of the activities and projects we have supported.

  • Mental Health Foundation
  • FRCA
  • Rochdale
  • UK Youth
  • Straight Talking
  • Vlogstar Hull
Resources for you to use

In partnership with other organisations we have also produced a range of resources that you can use.