Our research shows that young people consider concepts of healthy commitment and positive relationship ambition as central to their lives now and in the future. Neuroscience demonstrates that healthy and dependable relationships influence our current and future health, wellbeing and happiness. 

Status is working with young people, youth-involving organisations and decision-makers to take action to get positive relationship ambition and healthy commitment on the public agenda. These organisations are working in their communities and starting conversations. This work challenges society to support young people to build the healthy, stable and dependable relationships they want to thrive in life.

Through StatusFastn partners with youth-involving organisations so that young people can drive the agenda around positive relationship ambition and healthy commitment. Status activists, whether online or in their local communities, put these issues at the forefront of youth services, developing projects and content which inspire young people and service providers across the country.

Mental Health Foundation (MHF)


Mental Health Foundation (MHF) is currently sparking conversations with its Young Leaders through Leaders Unlocked. It hopes to encourage young people to engage in the topic of healthy dependable relationships and how to achieve them.

By talking with young people, MHF aims to raise awareness and develop materials to support young people in nurturing healthy relationships throughout their lives. MHF recognises this as a key way of protecting young people’s well-being.

In workshops, MHF Young Leaders noted a lack of relationship learning in schools with too much focus on toxic or romantic relationships. “There’s hardly any guidance about friendships. There’s even less guidance about having a relationship with yourself,” one young leader noted.

By discussing and drawing on their own experiences, the young leaders considered the influence this might have had on their future relationships. They also looked at the importance of shared ideals and values within relationships.

These discussions have resulted in the young people creating some fabulous resources for MHF’s campaign on how healthy relationships support our mental health and well-being. Take a look at what they created - it includes:

These conversations with Young Leaders are also inspiring ideas about how MHF might consider healthy relationships in other work across the organisation. We are really looking forward to seeing what these young people and MHF will do together next.

Freedom Road Creative Arts
Podcast Corner 101

Freedom Road Creative Arts Podcast 101

Following the success of their involvement in VlogstarHull the young people at Freedom Road Creative Arts (FRCA) took the initiative to create an episode on the FRCA podcast about healthy, dependable relationships. Since then, with the financial and organisational support of Fastn, weekly podcasts have been produced sparking discussions through their accompanying social media channels. They have re-ignited conversations in Hull on this topic, by bringing together a wide range of youth-involving organisations. Not only have the young people at FRCA learned vlogging skills and gained experience in radio and podcasting, they have had the chance to develop their understanding of what a healthy, dependable relationship looks like to them. By sparking conversations across Hull FRCA are playing a key role in the development of a Healthy Dependable Relationship movement in the area.

Rochdale Student Relationship Champions

As part of their #RochdaleRelationshipsMatter pledge, Rochdale Borough Council worked in partnership with Fastn and a group of volunteers from  Cardinal Langley School to understand young people's feelings around healthy commitment and positive relationship ambition. 

These conversations sparked the creation of a toolkit for training young people to become relationship champions. Fastn provided an experienced youth worker to support the development of resources and a film script with the young people. The group worked on a training package and interactive video filmed and edited with support from Shooters Media.

In July 2021 Rochdale Borough Council launched their toolkit for training Relationship Champions. With 6 new Student Relationship Champions trained up, Rochdale Youth Service will be working alongside local schools to further empower young people to support their peers through relationship formation, maintenance and breakdown. 

UK Youth
As One ... Not Alone

Fastn worked with UK Youth on the As One … Not Alone project which aims to tackle youth loneliness through healthy, dependable relationships.

Through this project, a group of young people from across England have created a resource for anyone working with young people. This resource contains activity plans, personal experiences of young people and helpful infographics.

Anyone working with young people can use this resource to explore meaningful relationships as one solution to experiences of loneliness. If you work with young people or know someone who does, why not give it a read or pass it on. You can download it here.

If you used the resource, we’d love to hear from you

Straight Talking
Working with Peer Educators
Straight Talking Project Logo

Straight Talking’s trained peer educators deliver specially developed modules to compliment teaching of Relationships and Sex Education in schools. The peer educators are all young parents who are able to empathise, engage and communicate in an engaging way with secondary school students.

Our partnership began with young parents’ enthusiasm to speak out about what commitment means to them, and why, based on their own stories and experiences, they believe it matters in relationships with co-parents, children and wider family. Working with Fastn, peer educators have created blog posts, podcasts and videos to encourage others to reflect as they have, on these key questions.

Through our partnership with Straight Talking, young people have become ‘commitment activists’ encouraging students they work with to consider the ingredients of healthy relationships that they can depend on when it matters.

Drawing on peer educators’ own stories and training, students talk about what commitment looks like, why it matters and based on the feedback of the young parents themselves, why commitment to self is such an important foundation to healthy relationships. To support this activism, Straight Talking developed a training package for existing peer educators and new recruits.

Rochdale Guardian Angels

In Rochdale, Status are working in partnership with Rochdale County Council; as a part of their work around the #Rochdalerelationshipsmatter pledge. A group of volunteers from Cardinal Langley School discussed their feelings around healthy commitment and positive relationship ambition. 

They decided to create a toolkit for training young people to become relationship champions, a  project they call Guardian Angels. The trained young people are able to support their peers through relationship formation, maintenance and breakdown.

The group creating the toolkit are working on a training package and interactive video filmed and edited by them with support from Shooters Media.


We delivered our first Vlogstar project in 2020.

We partnered with the Media Trust and a range of youth partners including Cornerhouse, Freedom Road Creative Arts, Eskimo Soup, Hull City Council Voice & Influence Team, Straight Talking and Rochdale Youth Cabinet to deliver a very special edition of the project where the theme was learning about and forming healthy and reliable relationships.

Given the COVID-19 restrictions, the delivery of this project was moved online, it was facilitated by Media Trust who worked with our team, partners and volunteers to create vlogs that explored healthy, dependable relationships in the young people's lives. The focus of the discussions was on positive relationship ambition and healthy commitment, the pieces are available to view below.

The outstanding element of this project was just how many young men took part. It can be hard to break through macho culture and open up about feelings and relationships. These young people shared stories about the toxic impact of bullying, the challenges of depression and anxiety, and how arts, physical activity and pets can offer a route to learning about and forming strong and supportive relationships.

The young people also worked with Cornerhouse to collect some research about positive relationship ambition and healthy commitment. The findings of the research will be published at the end of September so watch this space.

In the meantime, enjoy the vlogs below, if you want to toggle through the videos use the button on the top right of the video to access the menu.