Our research shows that young people consider concepts of healthy commitment and positive relationship ambition as central to their lives now and in the future. Neuroscience demonstrates that healthy and dependable relationships influence our current and future health, wellbeing and happiness. 

Status is working with young people, youth-involving organisations and decision-makers to take action to get positive relationship ambition and healthy commitment on the public agenda. These organisations are working in their communities and starting conversations. This work challenges society to support young people to build the healthy, stable and dependable relationships they want to thrive in life.

Through Status FASTN partners with youth-involving organisations so that young people can drive the agenda around positive relationship ambition and healthy commitment.  Status activists, whether online or in their local communities, put these issues at the forefront of youth services, developing projects and content which inspire young people and service providers across the country.

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Straight Talking
Working with Peer Educators

Straight Talking’s trained peer educators deliver specially developed modules to compliment teaching of Relationships and Sex Education in schools. The peer educators are all young parents who are able to empathise, engage and communicate in an engaging way with secondary school students.

Our partnership began with young parents’ enthusiasm to speak out about what commitment means to them, and why, based on their own stories and experiences, they believe it matters in relationships with co-parents, children and wider family. Working with FASTN, peer educators have created blog posts, podcasts and videos to encourage others to reflect as they have, on these key questions.

Through our partnership with Straight Talking, young people have become ‘commitment activists’ encouraging students they work with to consider the ingredients of healthy relationships that they can depend on when it matters.

Drawing on peer educators’ own stories and training, students talk about what commitment looks like, why it matters and based on the feedback of the young parents themselves, why commitment to self is such an important foundation to healthy relationships. To support this activism, Straight Talking developed a training package for existing peer educators and new recruits.

Rochdale Guardian Angels

In Rochdale, Status are working in partnership with Rochdale County Council; as a part of their work around the #Rochdalerelationshipsmatter pledge. A group of volunteers from Cardinal Langley School discussed their feelings around healthy commitment and positive relationship ambition. 

They decided to create a toolkit for training young people to become relationship champions, a  project they call Guardian Angels. The trained young people are able to support their peers through relationship formation, maintenance and breakdown.

The group creating the toolkit are working on a training package and interactive video filmed and edited by them with support from Shooters Media.


Status has partnered with Cornerhouse Hull who are bringing together a group of young people to do participatory research across Hull around positive relationship ambition and healthy commitment.

The volunteers are training as researchers and hitting the streets and community locations to research young people’s views. Our second partner is the media trust who will facilitate the next stage of the project where the volunteers will train to create vlogs in order to creatively showcase their research findings.

In total, the young people are completing around 6 days of training and research and we are supporting them to have the voices of young people in Hull heard by decision-makers in the local community.